Indian Lady Dentist Sharjah: Dr Zareena Moorkan. The practice offers full range of dental treatments, including cosmetic dentistry. In addition, smile makeover with veneers.  Teeth whitening, gum treatment, full ceramic crowns and all other general dental procedures. Dr Zareena speaks Arabic, English, Hindi and Malayalam

Best dental clinics in Sharjah: Al Lulu Medical Center provides the best dentistry and GP care. Dental clinics in sharjah. Our primary goal is to offer the most affordable  and longstanding dental and medical care.

Besisdes that the center advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures and focus on a whole-body approach to wellness. In addition, Al Lulu Medical Center accepts most of major local and international insurance companies.   

Dr. Aisha M Hussain, D.D.S
Dr. Aisha M Hussain, D.D.S., American National Dental Board (ANDB) certified, MSc Dentistry (Orthodontics) has participated in conducting a randomized clinical trial concerning retention treatment protocols following orthodontic treatment with the twin block functional appliance. Dr Aisha  is one of the best orthodontist in Sharjah

General Practitioner

Losing a tooth (or teeth) can be a shattering experience — emotionally and professionally. Dental implants are substitutes for the roots of missing teeth and are designed to last a lifetime.

CROWNS: Our aim is to improve the way teeth look, and function, by adjusting their shape, color and alignment. Dental crowns can be fashioned from stainless steel, ceramic, acrylic, gold and metal alloys. Unlike removable devices such as dentures, crowns are cemented onto existing teeth or implants, and can only be removed by your dentist

INVISALIGN: Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible. User can easily wear and take off these aligner trays depending on the situation. Invisalign offers the ultimate flexibility, convenience and desired results.  

VENEERS: The application of dental veneers is a cosmetic dentistry procedure to help improve the colour, shape and position of teeth.   It brings immediate and most effective results.

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